Ultra Cleanse

Ultra Cleanse

Dentyl Active Ultra Cleanse, in a Fresh Mint flavour, contains bicarbonate of soda to help neutralise plaque acids, ensure a deep clean and leave the mouth feeling deeply cleansed and extra fresh.

Bicarbonate of soda is not only proven to help give a deep cleaning action, but it also neutralises plaque acids. These acids cause tooth decay and can also contribute to the development and progression of gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss.

Dentyl Active Ultra Cleanse mouthwash contains bicarbonate of soda to help neutralise plaque acidsAlthough bicarbonate of soda has superior cleansing power, it is non-abrasive and very gentle, so ideal for daily use. It can also help maintain a good pH balance in the mouth, helping breath stay fresh for hours.

Eighty three percent of triallists said Dentyl Active Ultra Cleanse left their mouths feeling deeply cleansed and extra fresh.28

Like the rest of the range, Ultra Cleanse is able to lift and absorb 99.9% of oral bacteria, plus debris such as food particles, bacteria and plaque. These are seen as small, brightly-coloured masses in the sink. The antibacterial action of CPC means Dentyl Active helps stop bacteria from working and provides long-lasting fresh breath and the alcohol free formula does not sting or dry the mouth.