Plaque Fighter

Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter mouthwash is available in Smooth Mint, Fresh Clove and Minty Citrus flavoursDental practitioners recognise Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter as no ordinary mouthwash. Available in Smooth Mint, Fresh Clove and Minty Citrus flavours, Plaque Fighter contains three antibacterial agents - CPC, Triclosan and Peppermint oil29 - to destroy bacteria, especially plaque-forming bacteria, and provide long-lasting fresh breath.

Like the rest of the range, Plaque Fighter is able to lift and absorb 99.9% of oral bacteria, plus debris such as food particles, bacteria and plaque. These are seen as small, brightly-coloured masses in the sink.

Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter fresh mint flavourDentyl Active Plaque Fighter clove flavourDentyl Active Plaque Fighter citrus flavour

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