Dentyl Active Review and FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about Dentyl Active.

Q: Is the Dentyl Active range not just a gimmick?

A: Dentyl Active is a scientifically proven two phase active mouthwash which can reduce plaque levels by 25% after brushing7 and which has superior desorption properties.8

Dentyl Active mouthwash can reduce plaque levels by 25% after brushingIt contains the antibacterial ingredient Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) and kills 99.9% of oral bacteria9 as well as helping to remove plaque and food debris from the mouth, including teeth and tongue.10 Its alcohol free formula means it does not sting or dry the mouth.

The mouthwash must be shaken before use to combine the water-based antibacterial phase with CPC and the natural essential oils11 to create a dynamic cationic solution. The bacteria and debris are visible in the sink when rinsed out, proving that Dentyl Active works, with immediate results.12

Q: How does Dentyl Active really remove debris from the mouth?

Dentyl Active mouthwash shows you the food debris in the sink when you spit it out

A: Dentyl Active must be shaken well before use to enable the essential oils to mix with the Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) in the water phase. The resulting mouthwash is cationic (positively charged) and the anionic (negatively charged) bacteria in the mouth react by adhering to the solution and being expelled when the mouthwash is expectorated. These are visible as small masses in the sink.13

Q: Does Dentyl Active have an extended action and for how long does it work?

A: The antibacterial ingredient Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) and essential oils such as Clove and Menthol give Dentyl Active its extended action. Studies show that when these ingredients are combined they reduce microbial levels and bacteria causing bad breath – an action which continues for many hours after use.

Dentyl Active Complete Care contains Zabactyl and Menthol to give a triple defence action which inhibits smelly compounds and kills and helps remove bacteria.

Q: Is Dentyl Active acidic?

A: No. Dentyl Active has the same pH as saliva, so it works as a balancing agent in the mouth, reducing microbial levels and malodour scores long-term.

Q: As Dentyl Active is two-coloured, does it stain teeth?Dentyl Active continues working for many hours after use

A: No. The water and oil-based formula is non-staining and kind to teeth, mouth and gums. With prolonged use and in conjunction with some strongly coloured food and drink, Cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), the powerful antibacterial agent in Dentyl Active, can stain the plaque remaining on teeth, so it is recommended that users should wait for 30 minutes after using a mouthwash before consuming coloured food or drink.

Q: Why is Dentyl Active said to be alcohol free when it contains menthol?

A: The menthol in Dentyl Active is a natural essential oil and not an alcohol derivative or source. All Dentyl Active mouthwashes are alcohol free. Recent studies indicate that alcohol is a risk factor for oral cancer, so it is advantageous to reduce exposure of the oral mucosa to alcohol.14

Q: Can Dentyl Active Enamel Restore really help protect against acid attack?

A: Yes. Fluoride hardens the outer layer of the teeth, making it more difficult for bacteria to penetrate15 and Enamel Restore contains twice the fluoride level of other leading brands (within recommendations). This means Dentyl Active Enamel Restore can help replace lost minerals and strengthen tooth enamel against acid erosion16 as well as helping it become more resistant to attack.