Enamel Restore

How to Regenerate Tooth Enamel

Our mouth needs some minerals to restore the degenerative parts of the teeth . Mineralization occurs constantly in the mouth. However, when a tooth has been eroded and cavities begin to deform, there are steps you can take to regenerate the enamel of your teeth.

Let’s see here how to regenerate tooth enamel.

Steps to follow:

 Improve your diet to restore tooth enamel. Teeth need the same attention that is given to the body to keep them healthy. Diets low in nutritional value can easily cause caries and the proliferation of bacteria that form the cavities. A diet rich in organic raw vegetables, raw organic milk, vitamins, and minerals are very important if you want to maintain good dental hygiene.

Exercise your teeth regularly. The exercise of the teeth is to chew food perfectly, which will facilitate digestion. A fibrous diet allows you to exercise more teeth and keep them clean. Avoid regular consumption of soda or gaseous substances that do not require any exercise of the teeth.

Use products containing xylitol. Xylitol is a natural fiber found in fruits and vegetables that is used as a sweetener. Thanks to it, the balance of the natural pH of the teeth is restored, which helps to fight against bacteria and promotes the regeneration of the enamel.

Use a toothpaste that promotes remineralization. Many manufacturers offer this toothpaste that makes enamel to the teeth via good mineralization. This type of toothpaste deposits minerals on caries when brushing teeth.

Chewing sugar-free chewing gum. Research has shown that regular gum chewing not only allows you to exercise your teeth but also distributes minerals in the right places. Chewing gum stimulates the production of saliva that can neutralize the acid produced by bacteria in the plaque.

Keep your teeth clean. Having healthy teeth depends on the daily elimination of bacterial plaque formation. Have good dental hygiene by regularly using a toothbrush and dental floss. Brushing your teeth with baking soda can help restore the natural pH balance. Use dental floss to clean crevices and the space between teeth where bacteria tend to overgrow.

To fast. Studies show that fasting tends to slow down the breakdown of teeth.

This article is purely informative, while COMPLEMENT does not have the capacity to prescribe medical treatment nor to perform diagnostics. We invite you to go to the doctor if you have genes or an uneasiness.

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  • Brush your teeth and use dental floss regularly, especially in areas where bacteria can form and thrive.
  • Always keep your mouth moist with saliva. Dry mouth can cause problems and aggravate cavities.
  • Use dental floss without wax as it can be easily spread and reach different corners of the mouth, allowing for more thorough cleaning.
  • Consult your dentist immediately if you have very deep cavities as they can eat away at the whole tooth if they are not treated in time.
  • Be sure to keep acidic foods, such as drinks, out of your diet. Ingest minerals needed for teeth to regenerate naturally.