The Dentyl Active Experts

The Dentyl Active experts

Looking to seek expert comment on oral health or ask questions in relation to Dentyl Active? We have a panel of independent leading experts across the dental health sector. They have helped develop the brand and explored oral care in general, such as gum disease – the greatest threat to the nation’s dental health.

The panel includes:

Professor Robin Seymour

Robin Seymour - Dentyl Active ExpertProfessor Robin Seymour is one of the world’s leading periodontologists, author of many academic papers and former Head of the School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University.  He has a particular interest in period-ontology and restorative dentistry and continues to lecture, teach and practice. He is Emeritus Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Newcastle University and an honorary consultant with the Newcastle Hospital’s NHS Trust.

Jillian Eastmond

Dr Jillian Eastmond - Dentyl Active ExpertJillian Eastmond is CPD Training Co-Ordinator for the Dental Nurse Education and Training Centre at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where she delivers a range of learning opportunities from full post-registration courses to one-day seminars for registered dental care practitioners and their staff. Jillian has worked in the NHS and private practice as a dental nurse and she is a national and oral health education examiner.