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Welcome to Dentyl Active, the UK’s only proven two phase alcohol free mouthwash that you can visibly see working in the sink. Want to know more about our smart working action or have a look at some of the science behind our products? This e-press center is here to help you understand more about Dentyl Active, as well as providing general dental health information. And if you want to try out any of the Dentyl Active range just click onto the tab above -Ask Us.


What is the Best Mouthwash?

We prescribe all quantities of mouthwashes. Often by habit, without thinking too much, sometimes because it is the patient himself who claims it, and we wish to please him. The indications for the prescription of mouthwashes are indeed numerous, in large part to fight against bacterial proliferation at the dento-gingival level (gum bleeding, gum pain, inflammation of the mucous membranes, periodontal supportive therapy, post-operative care ...). But the stubborn prescription habits of practitioners and the strong tendency of patients to abuse them all result from the fact that the mechanisms of action, indications, and precautions for the use of mouthwashes are poorly known and often forgotten. Good reasons to take stock of a therapy that, far from being harmless, can even make a big difference to oral health in the long term.


Periodontal disease is a complex multi-factorial process with a bacterial etiology that is related to the inflammatory response of the host. The chronology of periodontal diseases is as follows:

  1. Bacterial colonization
  2. Bacterial adhesion
  3. Formation and maturation of the bacterial biofilm
  4. Inflammation of tissues
  5. Host response

Periodontal treatments should, therefore, aim to:

  • the most effective elimination of pathogenic bacteria,
  • the most complete elimination of biofilms
  • the decrease in the inflammatory response of the host.

Mouthwashes can act at these different stages of periodontal disease development. In addition, teeth represent only 20% of the oral environment. Saliva, tongue and mucous membranes are bacterial reservoirs on which the usual brushing cannot act.

While selecting mouthwash always know about the ph of mouthwash, mouthwash with cetylpyridinium chloride, is it bacteria fighter or not.

Dentyl Active Mouthwash having all these qualities and helps you rebuild enamel using active mouthwash.


  • Tooth brushing and alcohol free mouthwash - the perfect plaque fighting partners. Download document >>